In late 2022, I launched a revised edition of my book on privacy that was called “Stupid Sexy Privacy.” The show was sponsored by DuckDuckGo.

You will find additional resources on this page for products and services recommended throughout the miniseries that will help you protect yourself from fascists and weirdos.

There are some affiliate links here. These don’t cost you anything extra, and if you choose to use those links, it throws a small bit of money my way which helps fund projects like The Monroe Gazette.

All affiliate links will be marked with a * sign.

Start here to begin managing your digital footprint with this free guide built by my friend Amanda King at Floq.

-If you are being stalked or harassed, I encourage you to reach out to Carrie Goldberg’s Victims Rights Law Firm.

-If you require more advanced technical assistance in securing your privacy from fascists and weirdos, I recommend reaching out to the offices of Michael Bazzell.

DuckDuckGo: Private Search, @ Duck Email Forwarding Service, and a free browser that keeps you from being tracked around the web by creepy ads. There’s also an app that helps track, and block, the numerous apps on your phone that have stalker ware baked into them. Yes. They sponsored the show, but only because I asked them and I actively use these services. myself*

1Password: There are a lot of great password managers out there. This is the one I use and recommend.*

Delete Me: I can’t recommend this service enough. I use it. My Dad uses it. My sister uses it. If you have the time and patience to go through the data-broker list, more power to you. But if you got a little extra money, let these guys do it for you AND keep watch for any additional info about you that gets leaked.

Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal Notebook: This is what we recommend to use as a “privacy notebook” throughout the show. Any notebook will do. You do not need to use this one. This is just the one we recommend and I use.

Permission Slip from Consumer Reports: This is a fairly new app that makes removing your information from numerous databrokers, and other parties, very easy. The best part? It’s free.